Things knitted by my hands not only perform the necessary function of warmth and decoration, but also give a positive charge of energy.

Hello, my name is Lena Druza, and I knit for you amazing things in single copies.

I started actively crocheting when I found out that I was expecting a daughter. And I wanted to dress her in the most beautiful, high quality, comfortable and personalized things. And these things are one-of-a-kind and related to my own hands, which gives a special kind of energy and protection. So I got more and more into the style and fashion of knitwear.
I received the necessary education in crocheted techniques, material properties and clothing design. Over time, the hobby grew into a small business.
My collection includes crocheted bucket hats, balaclavas, ski masks, baseball caps, headbands and pet clothing. But I didn't stop there and started crocheting clothes and accessories for the home.
My store is only a small part of my work. I work in a variety of styles and directions. The crochet fabric is textured, which allows me to guess a unique handmade style.
My motto is to crochet this world with good yarn and make spaces warmer and cozier!